Modern digital and AI technologies have an impact on practically all areas of the retail industry. May it be procurement, inventory and warehouse management, store operations, logistics and of course also sales, marketing and customer care.

The AI Business School provides you with various educational modules, courses and programs to discover the most relevant and promising areas of applying modern digital and AI technologies in the retail sector.

Short Digital Courses

Digitalization and AI in Retail

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The digitalization challenge in the retail industry
  • Fascinating new opportunities for retailers
  • Personalization for superior customer experience
  • Basic AI, robotics and data definitions and terms
  • The most relevant AI, robotics and data related technologies
  • How modern digital technologies are applied in practice with a lot of inspiring practical examples and use cases

6 chapters with 16 learning sessions


5 hours of learning time


Certificate by AI Business School

300 CHF

Business Value Creation in Retail by Modern Technologies

    • Creating business value with AI, robotics and data
    • Hyperautomation to increase speed, efficiency and productivity
      • Software bots and other AI solutions
      • Robotic Process Automation RPA
      • Physical robots
      • Automation use cases in retail
      • RPA use cases for key business functions
    • New customer interaction models
      • Shopping with smart home speakers
    • Increased effectiveness in marketing and sales
      • Recommendations in e-commerce & smart stores
      • Omnichannel management solutions
    • AI-powered customer journeys
    • The secret for transforming customer experience with AI
    • The art of practical application of AI

8 chapters with 23 learning sessions


4 hours of learning time


Certificate by AI Business School

300 CHF

Specific areas of applying digital and AI technologies

  • Shopping with smart home speakers
  • AI in procurement
  • AI in inventory management
  • AI for the shopping experience
  • AI in store operations
  • AI in delivery and logistics

Advanced, Interactive Programs


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in

“Digitalization & AI in Retail”

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in

“Digitalization & AI in Retail”

Executive Master’s Degree in

“Digitalization & AI in Retail”

All learning modules, courses and programs are produced in collaboration with globally leading experts, companies and institutions. To really achieve world-class quality for our learners.

Examples of our education partners

The learning is supported by world-class thought leaders, experienced international and national practitioners and scientists with world-class expertise on applying AI, robotics and data related technologies in practice.

Some of our experts and lecturers for retail involved in the programs

Davide Gallo

  • Senior Manager Business Development Machine Learning and AI cross GSA at AWS
  • Lecturing Topic: Machine Learning, AI in Retail, AI in Banking, AI in Insurance

Daniel Leahy

  • EMEA Engagement Lead, Cloud AI Product Development at Google
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Banking, AI in Insurance, AI in Marketing & Sales (Customer Engagement)

Christoph Bräunlich

  • Head of BSI AI
  • Previously worked for corporate research at ABB
  • Lecturing Topic: AI in Marketing and Sales

Selçuk Boydak

  • International AI entrepreneur, company-builder and investor
  • Founder of the AI Business School
  • Lecturing Topic: Introduction-level AI Courses, AI in Healthcare and AI Leadership

With documentary-style, Netflix-like video clips, we present digital and AI technologies in real-life action. Very practice-oriented with many inspiring use cases, practical examples and exciting visualizations. To create awareness and good understanding on how modern technologies are applied in practice.

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Additional interactive learning instruments help us to stimulate and maximise the curiosity, imagination and creativity of our learners.

What Makes Our Learning Different and Unique


Practice-oriented with
many inspiring examples


Very easy to understand
for everyone


Entertaining, positively
motivating and energizing


Covering relevant industry
insights and exciting use cases


Multiple alternative
language options


World-class quality
made in Switzerland

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