Innovation & Impact

Education is not a purpose on its own. It shall rather empower individuals as well as institutions to achieve their real objectives.

That is why we have developed tools and instruments to ensure that the education of our learners leads to real innovation and tangible positive impact in their companies, societies and lives.

Encourage and foster curiosity and creativity

One of our aims is to stimulate and maximise the curiosity, imagination and creativity of our learners. That is why we make use of as many inspiring use cases and practical examples as possible, showing our learners in a very visual way how modern technologies are successfully applied in real-life. Because it all starts with awareness. And then we ask our learners what they think: where could we deploy these technologies in our company or my personal environment to create positive benefits?

Structured idea generation and sourcing

Learners are encouraged to share their own ideas in a structured form. Our virtual learning platform allows different ways to do this. Either by text descriptions, video uploads or by collaborative tools that enable a team to jointly work on ideas and refine them.

This kind of idea generation and sourcing is an important step to connect learning and innovation.

Competitive games and competitions

To motivate learners even more, idea sourcing may be combined with competitions (e.g. team competitions), games or project work. The best individual or team performance, e.g. the most innovative ideas may then be awarded in different ways.

By doing so, we can further enhance learner engagement and motivation.

Create an innovation pipeline

Structured idea generation and sourcing can be used to create a sustainable ideation pipeline, for example, in a company environment. The collected ideas may be prioritized to filer and select the most promising ones.

Achieve real impact

The best selected ideas can be used to initiate pilot projects with specific goals to create tangible, measurable benefits. By this approach our joint education efforts lead to innovation and real positive impact which can even be measured. And by doing so, we can ensure an immediate positive return on education.

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