Digitalization and AI

Modern digital technologies are changing our world with an amazing speed. They are entering practically all areas of our lives, our economy and our society. That is why we all have to prepare ourselves to get ready for the upcoming AI age which will be more and more dominated by modern digital and AI technologies.

In fact AI, that means artificial intelligence, can be considered to be the major driver of the digital transformational challenge we are faced with.

That is why the mission of the AI Business School is to help large parts of our economy to prepare themselves and get ready for the upcoming AI age which will be more and more dominated by digital and AI technologies.

What is AI?

AI represents a group of heterogeneous technologies that all have one thing in common: they are all imitating as well as augmenting and sometimes even partially replacing human thinking and human acting.

On the one hand there are “cognitive solutions”. They correspond to the “human thinking”. Like the human brain – they are analysing problems, making evaluations, making judgments, coming up with decisions or recommendations for decisions.

On the other hand, we have “robotics solutions”. They correspond to the “human acting”. Like the acting part of the human body, with arms and hands, with legs and feet. Robotics solutions are executing in the physical world what the cognitive solutions, like the human brain, tell them to do.


Both categories of AI solutions – cognitive as well as robotics solutions – are very important, very complementary and therefore both needed. Only the combination of both allows us not only to come up with decisions, but also execute those decisions in the physical world. To make things happen.

Creating Value by AI

By making use of robotics solutions we can achieve totally new levels of automation and thereby new levels of productivity, efficiency and speed.

By making use of cognitive solutions and sufficient amounts of relevant data, we can come up with better decisions and create superior customer experiences, products and services.

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AI and Data

AI and data represent two sides of the same coin. As AI needs huge amounts of relevant data to unfold its full potential. And data needs intelligent AI algorithms to be of real value.

That is why there is a strong connection between AI and the important data disciplines such as data science, data analytics and data visualization.

Further relevant digital technologies

Although in most areas AI technologies combined with data represent up to 70% of the digital transformational challenge we are faced with, there are of course some further digital technologies that are also relevant like:

Internet-of-Things (IoT), Cloud, Blockchain (and also cryptocurrencies), E-Commerce, Quantum computing, Cyber Security.

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Internet-of-Things (IoT)
(and also cryptocurrencies)
Quantum computing
And others

Our programs and courses are covering all relevant technologies with a particular focus on AI, robotics and data. But also covering all relevant further digitalization fields like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Blockchain, E-Commerce and others.