Leadership in the AI Age

The world’s best AI leadership program with in-depth overview of the major leadership challenges and opportunities related to Artificial Intelligence

Chapters of the Course

Creating Business Value by AI
Creating business value by AI
How to create real tangible business benefits and value for your company by making use of AI.
Intelligent Hyper – Automation

Achieve intelligent «Hyper-Automation» by robotics and cognitive AI technologies to maximize productivity, efficiency and speed.

Improved customer discovery

Improve customer discovery as well as marketing and sales effectiveness to boost your revenues.

Improved customer experiences
Develop new customer propositions and design new customer experiences by AI.
AI as a business
Invent and build entirely new AI products, services, business models and start-ups from scratch.
The AI Playbook for your Company
The AI Playbook
A proven approach to introduce and scale AI in your company.
Three-phase Model
Initiate first AI steps, spark enthusiasm for AI across your company and scale AI activities fast to create substantial positive business value.
Winning the right AI talent

Educate and develop existing talents in your organization and win additional talents from the outside world.

Anchoring AI in your Company
Aligning IT landscape and architecture
Bring together the «old» IT world with the new AI-driven IT world and its specialized, lean and highly agile solutions.
Anchoring AI in strategy and organization
Effectively anchor AI in your organizational structure and align it with your business strategy to achieve sustainability.
Additional new leadership challenges
Master long-term leadership challenges like automated decisioning, managing an increasingly «hybrid» workforce of machines and humans as well as the changing nature of specific management roles.
Summary & final exam

What makes our programs unique

Practice-oriented with many inspiring examples
Very easy to understand for everyone
Entertaining, positively motivating and energizing
Covering relevant industry insights and exciting use cases
Multiple alternative language options
World-class quality made in Switzerland

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Learn with the Best

Selçuk Boydak

Co-Founder and lecturer of the AI Business School

International AI investor, entrepreneur and company builder

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Selçuk Boydak is an international Investor, serial entrepreneur and company builder with a particular passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is founder of a number of fast growing and sustainable companies in various European and Asian countries across different industries: AI, Robotics, Internet, IT, consulting, media, education, private equity and venture capital.

He is fluent in various languages and he is used to live and work in different cultural environments.

He studied “Medical Sciences” at the “Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität” in Münster / Germany. During this time he was awarded a scholarship by the “German Academic Scholarship Foundation” (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), which awards scholarships to outstanding students who are expected to make an outstanding contribution to society as a whole. Afterwards he studied “Industrial Engineering” at the “Boğaziçi University” in Istanbul / Turkey, the first American higher education institution founded outside the United States and the highest ranked university in Turkey.

Selçuk combines many years of management, consulting and entrepreneurial business building experience. As a top management consultant Selçuk served at leading consulting firms like The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He later founded and built his own strategy consulting franchise headquartered in Switzerland. Over the years he advised and worked with many entrepreneurs and top executives of some of the best-known European companies across various industries.

As a young internet entrepreneur during the first big internet wave, Selçuk built a top-selling e-commerce platform for small and mid-sized enterprises. Later, as either founder or co-founder, he successfully launched another dozen of innovative technology-driven business models.

Selçuk’s current focus lies on AI education and AI talents. As co-founder of the AI Business School he is also part of its faculty, giving lectures e.g. about “Business Value Creation by AI” and “AI Leadership”. As co-founder of a global network of local AI talent communities he is supporting AI talents worldwide in getting access to first-class AI education as well as in getting access to exciting AI projects and AI jobs.

Gion-Pieder Pfister

Former Senior Vice President & CEO, Swissport International Basel & Operations Project Manager,
“The program «Leadership in the AI Age» paves the way from ‘I don’t know where to start’ to a structured implementation of AI into an organization. It de-mystifies AI and makes it tangible and rational for application to business processes and offers a tool set for implementation of AI into a company, not only in terms of technology but most importantly about the leadership commitment and the cultural change it takes to make things happen. The program guides you towards unleashing the creative power in your organizations and tells you about the importance of talent management and what it takes to retain them. I consider it the perfect guidance to involve the organizations at Swissport and helps me a lot to engage our leaders to take the right steps”

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